Krishen Iyer Talks About Keys To A Healthy Diet

Krishen Iyer has made strides in business, particularly the real estate and insurance industries, and he believes in living a healthy lifestyle. He is a health and fitness enthusiast who has invested a lot to achieve the perfect health he enjoys today. Krishen is also generous and has been sharing valuable tips and guidelines on how to lead a healthy lifestyle. In this publication, he talks about the keys to a healthy diet that every person should consider.

Consume a variety

You cannot find all the nutrients your body needs in one type of food. You need to embrace a variety to get vitamins, fats, and carbohydrates that are ideal for your body to remain healthy. You also should note that you need to include some roughage in your diet to aid digestion and to prevent bloating. While choosing the variety of foods to consume, consider incorporating foods that can help to stabilize your health. There are many types of foods you could consume but some of them don’t contribute to giving you the energy and nutrients that are good for your body.

Consume plenty of produce

Vegetables make a perfect choice for a healthy diet that you should also pay attention to. You should aim to consume 2½ cups of vegetables as well as 2 cups of fruits each day, and this diet will give you 2,000 calories. Some of the fruit varieties you should aim to include in your diet are oranges, mangoes, and bananas if you need more potassium in your diet. Also make sure to choose healthy vegetables like spinach, broccoli and anything rich in fiber that you could source locally. It is advisable to consume these foods when fresh as storing them for a long period of time leads to loss of nutrients.

Whole grains

At least 50 percent of the grains you consume should include whole grains like whole wheat, oats, and barley. Whole grains keep the germ and bran and a good amount of fiber that is good for your digestive system. If you have to buy products made from grains, make sure the product is made using 100% whole grains to get all the benefits you need. Eating highly processed foods is not the perfect choice you could make as these are foods that lack vital elements that are needed in your body.

Limit added sugar and refined grains

Foods like white bread and regular pasta contain a large amount of refined grain and sugar, which means these foods lack dietary fiber and have also been stripped of vital nutrients. If you cannot eliminate such foods from your diet, you could limit consumption while taking more of those that contain all the nutrients processed foods lack.

Foods that offer you less of the needed nutrients are only good at contributing to weight gain due to high-fat content and low presence of vital elements. Most importantly, increase water intake and get rid of or reduce consumption of red meat and its products. You could substitute this with white lean meat from fish and chicken.


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